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Welcome to Gadfly's Place This site is dedicated to opining and discussing issues of the day. It is hoped that this will lead to an effective dialogue on these topics.

Effective dialogue: Our daily lives are bombarded with news, ads, entertainment, etc to a degree where one must wonder is there any real dialogue? Each side makes it’s opinion loudly known, throws it over “the fence” and waits for a reply only to see something from the other side come sailing over “the fence”.Seldom do we examine what just came over “the fence” with a view to learning and maybe understanding what the other side is trying to say. No we see they disagree or don’t buy our viewpoint so we tear it apart and throw the pieces over “the fence”.


No one is completely responsible on this count, but one could start by blaming those who are our leaders in government, business, and the media who spend the most time grabbing our attention. The common person is left swimming in a cacophony of half truth, biased marketing and just plain self serving rhetoric. The sad thing is that the average American doesn’t have a clue what is going on. Most believe that what there side says is the truth not once testing it with a critical thought. In fact, it is a sad game we play so we can pat our selves on the back believing that somehow we personally have won a great victory. So now we feel good but haven’t effected anything. Useless living in my book!

To start the discussion I am posting the current list of my hot buttons. If you care to discuss these issues, send me an email. If interest warrants, Ill set up a convenient way for others to add other opinions.


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